Thinking about having a couples session but not quite sure? There is loads of reasons/benefits to having a shoot, though, we want to keep this blog quite short and concise. So we have narrowed it down to our Top 5 Reasons to have an Engagement Shoot/couples session.

1. You get amazing photos

Lets start of easy no. 1 should be pretty self explanatory ‘you get amazing photos”. Most couples who’s wedding we shoot are not professional models they have never been on a photoshoot or in front of the camera. The only photos they have together are selfies.

Having some amazing shots, memories and emotions captured with your soulmate leading up to your wedding adventure is priceless.

2. Breaking the ice

The Engagement Shoot is great for everyone to break the ice and get to know each other. The more time you spend around someone, the more you get to know them and in turn the more comfortable you will feel with your photographers on the day.

Ana and I enjoy getting to know you guys and hear your fun stories and get a feel for you as a couple and likewise you will feel the same. Hopefully, after we all have a bit of a connection.

3. You get to find out what shots work for you as a couple

Touching on no. 1 most couples have not been in front of the camera, you don’t know what shots you like or what you don’t like or maybe you do. This is great for finding out what works for you as a couple. We will probably do a few crazy things along the way and you might think ‘what are we doing’ but on reviewing the photos you might just love the shots, shots that you didn’t think you would like. Ultimately being more comfortable in front of the camera

4. No time restrictions/or timeline –  it’s all about you

Wedding days can be quite manic and be over in the blink of an eye. Couples Session are nice and relaxed. Nothing staged, nothing too posey. It’s all about you guys being you and capturing you as couple. Any terrain, (beach, forest, sea, urban) any where, no time restrictions,  no where to be, just us creating some amazing images with you against some of the most scenic backdrops in Ireland.

5. The flow

We find after the couple session everything flows a lot more easier on your day. It’s not two strangers rocking up to your wedding, hopefully it is two friends. Everything just flows a lot easier on your day, we melt into the background and get amazing photos.

Hopefully that has given you a better understanding on our 5 reasons to have an engagement shoot.

Some of the points can intertwine but the message is the same.. we think Couples Sessions/Engagement Shoots rock and that every couple should add it to their wedding adventure. We have shot them all over the world and you can check more of our recent love stories out here “our Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photography”.

Here is a few shots from our latest Engagement Photography in Northern Ireland in the Stunning Mourne Mountains of County Down. Check out this rad couple as we hit the hills and climb one of the summits. Love these guys.