Dunluce Castle is one of our hidden gems along the North Coast of our beautiful Island. Couples travel far and wide to elope here to get amazing images against this stunning backdrop. It’s easy to see why people opt for Dunluce Castle Irish Elopement.

The iconic Ruins situated on the coastal cliffs of the North Coast County Antrim has some dramatic history, build by the Macquillan clan around the 1500s.

It was seized by the Macdonnell clan around 1550. They set about stamping their unique mark on the castle via their famous leader and war chieftain Sorley Boy MacDonnell. Violence, intrigue and rebellion where to follow.

The dramatic history is matched by tales of a banshee and how the kitchens of the castle fell into the ocean on a stormy Irish night in 1639. A bit of info about Dunluce Castle.

This place is not just stunning for a Dunluce Castle Irish Elopement but also an amazing location for a Couples Session /engagement photography. Which brings us to this post.

Dunluce Castle Elopement/ Engagement Photography

We had been super excited to shoot with these pair, they are just the sweetest couple. We had provisionally spoke about shooting around the North Coast, we just love it up there. The scenery is world class, truly breathtaking. It is easy to see why so many couples elope here to our Island and these infamous cliffs and especially to Dunluce Castle for an Irish Elopement.

Over the bank holiday weekend we had travelled to the North Coast for some family time. We stopped into the legendary Barry’s amusements. This is the holy grail of amusement in NI with a lot of family traveling up here on holiday season. We had always wanted to shoot here and did a few test shots. It was a must to include this in the shoot. We had a plan to go to Barry’s first then over to Dunluce Castle to get some epic sunset shots. I have never laughed so much in the shoot. I’ve mentioned before, matching the correct couple shoot and these pair where just amazing.

Have a peek below: 🐻🐻🐻 

If you are interested in shooting with us or a Dunluce Castle Irish Elopement get in touch here.