Galgorm Wedding photography

We have not done any Galgorm Wedding Photos in what feels like forever. We have to say we have missed the place. It’s just such an awesome wedding venue with so many photo opportunities. From the green hues around the grounds, the famous Galgorm swing by the river, the rustic out houses with cool creeper vines to name a few. The grounds are simply stunning. Ana and I were over the moon to be back shooting some Galgorm Wedding Photos. It has been far too long. Every time we shoot Galgorm Wedding Photos we always find new places that we fall in love with. You can see another one of our stories here

Galgorm Wedding Photos

We were super excited to be documenting the wedding of Alice and Jake. We met these guys a while back, they are such a lovely pair with an awesome vibe. You can just feel their love when you’re around them. While sipping coffee and finding out more about these guys and the details of their day it just felt like talking to old friends. Needless to say, we were super excited to get to document them saying their I dos. We knew it was going to be an amazing occasion.

Wedding Photos Galgorm

On arrival, the girls were all getting ready in the Boudoir room. We have never shot here before which makes it even more exciting. For any couples reading this, the Boudoir room is just all kinds of awesomeness, plus they have a super cool bubble chair swing which makes for excellent shots sipping your champaign. Alice and her bridesmaids were super cool and relaxed and were so much fun to shoot with. They really made it easy for us.

After they said their I dos it was time to spend some time with the new Mr and Mrs Philips, this is probably our favourite part of the day. This is where we can be creative, artistic and spend some time with our couple away from the craziness. For us, it’s all about capturing you guys being you, and you interacting as a couple. But don’t worry we will give you a bit of help along the way.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side but that didn’t stop these guys from rocking it. Also with Galgorm Wedding Photos there is so many hidden places to shelter from the rain and get some awesome shots.

Failing this we always try to nip out for some golden hour shots which we did today.

Have a sneak peek at Alice & Jake’s Galgorm Wedding Photos

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