Wedding Photographers Belfast

Wow, what an amazing year so far. We as Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland have been blessed to be involved in some amazing weddings and some epic couples session.

Meeting all you wonderful people has just been awesome. Being your Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland and being part of your wedding adventure, there is no better feeling for us.

Most Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland have been wrapping up for Christmas. For us, December has been one of our busiest months. Christmas seems to be very popular. Is it, that everyone is in the festive spirit, Christmas trees, fairy lights, families being home from far and wide for the holidays an able to celebrate not only xmas but your big day. Or is it the adventurous couples praying for snow on their wedding day. Whatever the reason we have seen a massive trend over the last few years with couples tying the knot during the festive season. Though, there is challenges with light. There is no denying that Christmas is truly a special time of the year.

Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

We as a photography company and as Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland always look and review things, our services, products. We always ask ourselves ‘what would we want as a couple’.. ‘could we do more for our couples..’

For all you guys and gals that follow us on social media, facebook and instagram will know that Ana has picked up the camera this year and has been training.

Ana has always had an interest in Art and Fashion as a young child and actually use to own a camera. This was a natural progression for The Three Bears and a natural progression for Ana. And a great addition to our service, having two shooters.

Ana has been photographing at most couple shoots and weddings to gain the vital knowledge and more importantly the experience of being behind the lens (thrown right in at the deep end). Being a perfectionist and a hard task master. I’m sure I haven’t been the easiest to learn of. But I always believe in an extensive knowledge of the fundamentals and real time experience. Then you will have strong foundation and the rest will flow.

Without this in any art of discipline you are destined to fail.

The Merchant Hotel Weddings

This brings us on to this awesome couple and this amazing wedding at the Merchant Hotel Belfast.

Ana shot with me the whole day so I can no longer take full credit. So if you think a shot is good it’s probably mine and if not, it was probably Ana’s (jokes). Ana is now available to shoot at your wedding.

We met these guys back in May 2017 and instantly loved them, their quirky style, cool tats and man buns. Yes! Touching on our last blog about matching the couple to the right location, these guys screamed urban to us.

Would you agree?

We decided to do their Couple Session in Belfast City. They killed it. We loved them even more.

We were super super excited to shoot their wedding and to be their Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland. The fact that these guys were getting married bang in the centre of Belfast this meant even more Urban Shots, yay!

Ana and I absolutely loved everything about these guys and their wedding.

Lastly, thanks for choosing us to be your Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland.

Check out a few shots from the day.